Leadership Team


The Global Action Team brings the Global Leadership (GLT), the Global Membership Team (GMT) and the Global Service Team (GST) together, creating a unified one-team approach to the three key areas of Lions. The Global Action Team champions the vision of LCI and reignites the passion for service in Lions and Leos. The GAT network of leaders directly supports district governors in inspiring action at the club level. The GAT exists when the clubs are in motion.

2019-20 Vision

The Global Action Team helps district governors in achieving their goals by taking action. With the governor’s goals at the forefront, the GAT is uniquely positioned from constitutional area to club level, to help foster positive membership growth in clubs, increase Lion’s visibility in the community through impactful service, and to build strong and innovative leaders in the districts.Overview

GST Focuses

  1. Supporting districts in effort to achieve their annual goals and monitoring progress towards these goals.
  2. Reinforcing club level communications through the zone chairs to provide initiatives, resources, and suggested activities.
  3. Supporting LCI divisions by providing information to and from the field to help support the development and roll-out of effective initiatives and resources.
  4. Sharing Club and District Success Stories.

Benefits to Clubs

GAT positions in every club. Each club has Lions serving on the GLT, GMT and GST, and the club president is the chairperson for the Global Action Team.

One-team approach. The Global Action Team puts the entire Lions network to work for clubs. It brings the GLT, GMT, and GST together to support clubs. Together, they can make the most impact.

Leadership development. The GAT provides leadership development opportunities that can empower Lions to lead and serve their communities. Strong leaders can help drive membership, champion new service projects and ensure that clubs position themselves for continued success.

Healthy membership. The GAT can help clubs develop effective membership programs to attract new members, and they can help clubs create a great membership experience that will keep new and seasoned members coming back. More members allow clubs to bring more service to their communities.

Innovative service. The GAT helps clubs identify resources and use best practices to improve their projects and, by extension, their impact. Quality service projects increases member satisfaction and help to attract new members who are looking to serve.

The Team

The Global Action Team is a group of leaders in place from the Constitutional Area level down to the Club level. The GAT works together on all levels as one unified team. The team includes:

Club GAT

The club president is the Global Action Team’s chairperson for each club with support from the GLT, GMT and GST chairpersons. The club’s GAT makes certain that the club conducts impactful service projects, increases membership, ensures membership satisfaction, identifies future leaders, and improves its visibility in the community.

GLT Club
Leadership Development Chairperson
Role filled by club's First Vice President
GMT Club
Membership Chairperson
GST Club
Service Chairperson

District GAT

The district governor is the Global Action Team chairperson for their district with support from the district coordinators (GLT, GMT, GST). The district level takes actions to ensure the district’s goals are achieved and clubs are successful. Zone chairpersons work closely with the clubs and are an integral part of club and district success.

Multiple District GAT

The council chair is the Global Action Team chairperson for the multiple district with support from the MD coordinators (GLT, GMT, GST). The MD GAT reinforces the importance of action in support of the district’s goals

Area Leadership

The GAT area leaders work closely with the multiple districts and districts to provide support and resources in Leadership, Membership & Service to achieve success in their assigned areas. These positions will be an annual appointment with option for re-appointment.

Constitutional Area and Regional Area Leadership

The GAT constitutional area leader and regional area leadership empowers GAT members to achieve success by supporting the district goals in Leadership Membership and Service for their assigned area. These positions will be an annual appointment with option for re-appointment.

GAT supporting the District Governors

The District Governors work together with the Global Action Team and GAT staff specialists to accomplish the following:

It should be clarified that the GAT is not separate from the District Governor’s initiates or a different group. GAT works to support the District Governor to achieve their district goals.

On Success Stories:

The GAT message of success is best shared through storytelling – stories that focus on a one-team approach and that highlight how each pillar of the team contributes to the other. GAT success stories can be shared through emailing GAT@lionsclubs.org. Share your stories of Gat success that:


The Global Action Team has three main channels of communication and resources: