Club Visitation Program

The visitation program promotes fellowship And provides opportunities To make New friendships by meeting And socializing With Lions And Lionesses at the Club level. It also provides an opportunity To facilitate an exchange Of ideas And cooperation In Shared activities by observing what makes clubs successful And some pitfalls To avoid. The goal Is For every Club To make at least 12 visits Each year.

Visitation Awards Requirements (2019-2020)

General Guidance

The visitation program begins July 1, 2019 And ends June 30, 2020. Clubs are encouraged To make their Visitations early In the Lion Year. Each club will appoint a Club Visitation Chair who Is required to provide his/her name, address telephone number And e-mail address To the District Visitation Chair no later than July 31, 2020.

District 24-L will have two club visitation categories

Qualifying Visits

Note: A qualifying visit To a club can either be a club meeting Or a club service project that Is sponsored by And run by the club. But the visiting Lion must actively participate with the club in their service project for that to count as a visit. For example, buying nuts at a club’s fund raiser does not count. Neither would playing bingo at a club’s bingo night. But helping the club run their booth where they sell the nuts or belong them run the bingo game would count. Remember, the purpose of a visitation is to give the visiting lion a chance to meet the members of the club and see what they do, not just stop by for 5 minutes and buy something!

Visitation Reports

Each visitation should be logged using our on-line Club Visitation Tracking System , which may be used by each club's Visitation Chairperson, President, Or Club secretary. All visitations must be logged no later than July 31, 2020 to count towards an award.

Club Visitation Award

In order to receive this award a club must complete twelve (12) visits using the criteria in Visitation Awards Requirements above, including a visitation to each Lions And Lioness Club in its Zone.

Governor 's Award

The Governor will make awards to the top club in each category (under 30 and 30 or more members) who make the most Club Visitations.